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Job – Media Buyer (5 Excecutors)

Sarajevo - based marketing agency MonetizeAd is looking for media buyers. These are people who have experience in internet marketing, buying traffic through various channels such as facebook, google, native networks and etc.

Our agency is expanding its business to new markets, and it is not able to settle this domestic one either. This time, we are looking for people who have experience in Media Buying and campaign management. Our team will help and assist you in everything you need to become the best media buyer through online channels. We appreciate your time, effort and learning, and you will be adequately paid for all of the above.

Media Buyer What it takes to make it at MonetizeAd
What kind of people are we searching for? People who have had contact with Facebook Advertising, Analytics, Tracking systems, campaign optimizations, creating innovative campaigns and tracking trends in their portfolio so far.
Run the campaign! Our media buyer team is certainly the craziest, all day long, campaigns are being created, designed and runned. Be crazy, be fast!
Crazy creativity! Be creative, innovative, help us too, we can't do everything alone!
Hang out with the numbers! If you’re not a mathematical genius, you’re not a media buyer either! Numbers have to be your best friends, you have to have that in your blood!
Be proactive! If you plan to sit in the corner, without any desire to be an equal member of the team whose opinion is important, a job in our agency is not for you. We are looking for a person eager for knowledge, who asks questions, takes the initiative, is not afraid to present their ideas and thoughts, all with the goal of personal development and progress, as well as the progress of the whole team..
Be brave! We don't like problems, but we are not afraid of them. We have successfully and as a team dealt with all the business problems we have encountered so far. If you have the ability to take responsibility, and you come to a solution with personal efforts, congratulations - you have the dose of courage we need.
Be crazy! It is not easy to be a media buyer. When things are under control and when we achieve the desired results - there is no lack of motivation to work. If things get out of hand - work can be stressful. With the support of the team, but also personal methods, it is important to try to find enough motivation not to give up and to deal with the problem to the end.
Be an analyst! Media buying is in most cases a game of numbers, with a dose of creativity. That’s why we want a new member of our team by nature to be an analyst and a person who loves numbers. The numbers tell you when something is going well or badly. When you understand the message that numbers bring - creativity comes on its own.
Be a team player! If you have all the listed characteristics, but on the other hand you want the whole stage just for yourself, whatever qualifications you have - we are afraid that you are not worth the investment. We value team players willing to share knowledge and easily fit into a well-coordinated team. Our goal is to progress together and make it easier for each other to learn and work.

Required skills and knowledge:

Perfect knowledge of
English language

Knowledge of working in Excel
(medium level minimum)

Advanced use of
the Internet