Find out if you have what it takes to become part of the MonetizeAd family!



This is an invitation to all of you who are already seasoned creators of compelling written content, turning daily ideas into effective marketing stories! 🖨️

If you've built your style and approach writing narratives that bring new clients into the sales network with a special passion, we want you to be part of our creative team in Sarajevo! We work in offices, exchange ideas, and invest a lot of time in #brainstorming. Monetize Ad is a marketing network with a complete in-house setup for the development of digital marketing, bringing together young and talented individuals from the digital industry for project development within the company. More on that in the following text. ⬇️

Who are we actually looking for?

🔋Three Copywriters with a minimum of 2 years of experience.

Copywriting is a dynamic model. It requires an innovative approach, and that's why we're looking for idea creators, scalable solution providers, and experts in marketing structures. As a Copywriter at Monetize Ad, you'll play a crucial role in the connected chain of creating accessible steps that align with the goals and needs of current projects. We need someone who thinks outside the box, breathes life into ideas, and with their texts - not only demands further reading but also retains clients or target audience for our services.

Responsibilities and expectations:

· Skill in creating sales texts, following existing Copy structures that brings profit. 💵 · Knowledge of creating content for thematic blogs in English. · Collaboration skills with the marketing team, aiming to develop creative concepts and campaigns that encourage customer engagement and brand awareness. · Monitoring industry trends and implementing fresh ideas into content. 💡 · Developing a comprehensive understanding of our target audience to tailor conceptual solutions for the ultimate goal. · Knowledge of the benefits offered by AI technology. · Experience working in MS Office. 🖥️

What can you expect in exchange for meeting expectations?

· The most significant interest lies in earnings, which we will discuss in a 1:1 interview since it depends on individual preferences, experience, and commitment. The salary cannot be universal, but it certainly exceeds the standards of our market. 💸 · A lively, inclusive, and easily adaptable environment conducive to development and progress. · Space for recreation and activities that strengthen team energy or develop competency skills. 🏓 · Five working days a week and weekends off. · An inspiring and modern workspace for undisturbed focus. · Cafeteria services and free healthy meals.

Join us in the fast-growing professional marketing sphere, be part of a story without limits, and leave your creative mark for the long run! Explore more about us on Instagram profile and don't forget to send us your CV and a few previous works to the email: [email protected] with an indication of the position you are applying for.