Every year, the same time - March is reserved for Affiliate World Global in Dubai.

This year, from March 1st to 2nd, Dubai will be in the spotlight of the meeting of all affiliates from different parts of the world.

Monetize AD will return to AW Asia with the same goal: to present our services to future partners and to meet our old friends we met during the previous conferences. In fact, we can say that Dubai is always the most interesting. There is something in that eastern part of the world, so we are excited to be back again this year.

But, as we strive to make a difference, there is something new - We are an official partner for Affiliate World Conference. Rock it!

The AW conference is amazing because it will connect more than 4000 participants, it is hardly possible to see all of them, so the success is to meet as many as possible. We’re sure we can achieve that goal because Monetizers are known to be a really good company. Every time we set a new target for getting to know more affiliates and make more business deals, so don’t try to run away from us because we always exceed our target. 😂

See you there and wait for the new information!