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Most successful digital marketing agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Currently the №1 digital marketing agency in BiH with a rapidly growing regional and global presence. By using our extensive experience in digital marketing, we’ve maximized profit to hundreds of clients by combining personalized strategies with our innovative in-house software.

Research & Development

Search monetization is not as complicated as it sounds. All you need to do is copy the code that is provided to you by our carefully chosen team, paste it into the desired location on your website, and you are ready to monetize.

Power in youth

What makes Monetize Ad stand out from its competitors is the prominent faith in the younger generation and the capacities that it, with enough training, desire,and effort, can provide. We define mutual investment in the team as the most important postulate of our business strategy.

Striving for success

With more than 10 years of Affiliate and Digital Marketing experience, we strive to provide the best possible results to our clients through tailored strategies and constant innovations.

Meet our team!

Ajdin Brković
CEO & Founder
Ajdin is one of the initiators of the company. He had an original idea of what this company should be, and he made it work. Ajdin is responsible for making decisions for the company's day-to-day needs. What matters most is that he is aware of the company's activities, whether they are related to the employees or the general output and productivity.
Mersad Vejzović
CTO and Founder
Mersad is one of the founders, and a man who helped our goals come true. He's also the CTO, which means he's responsible for the company's technical requirements as well as research and development. What he does is examining an organization's short and long-term needs, and then uses capital to make investments that will assist the company to achieve its goals.
Amar Tanović
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Amar is the corporate executive of our company. Meaning he oversees every ongoing business operation. He is also in charge of creating operations strategies and policies, communication strategies and policies to our employees and presenting us with company goals. From the moment he entered our building, he became a key member of the senior management team. He is an experienced and efficient operation firm leader that every firm dreams of having.
Osmanaga Hotović
Head of Media Buying Team
Osmanaga is one of the head officers of the Media Buying team. He makes certain that the accounts under his supervision are well served and reaching goals. He is a specialist at ensuring that each customer is adequately treated. When he joined our team, things improved since he assisted our Media Buyers in growing personally and professionally by defining goals and removing obstacles.
Faris Selimbegović
Head of Media Buying Team
Faris is also a head officer of the Media Buying team of Monetize Ad team. Overseeing advertising results, one-on-one direct management, educating junior team members, and functioning as a higher level customer facing role to support customer accounts are all part of his responsibilities. He has an uncanny ability to handle difficult client interactions.
Muris Muminović
Account Manager
Muris is in charge of our MonadLead project, our affiliate platform. He's in charge of building excellent client relationships, connecting with important corporate executives and stakeholders, and preparing sales reports. To maximize earnings, he negotiates contracts and closes deals, and he ensures that our solutions are delivered on time and on budget, and that they meet the goals and objectives of our customers.
Rasim Pulić
Managing Director of Production
Rasim is our managing director of production, which means he creates and oversee policies and procedures which ensure that the productivity of the organisation is optimised. His responsibilities include managing the production department's employees, working on cutting costs and boosting efficiency, Identifying and communicating ambitious production goals with key employes, and providing motivation, support and guidance to all our employees.
Deniz Telarević
Head of Sales
Deniz is in charge of defining, articulating, and implementing the company's sales strategy. He creates projections and strategies to ensure that sales are made at profitable levels. He also goes out of his way to seek out significant customers and establishes positive relationships with key influencers and buyers.
Sanin Đukanović
Head of Finance & Logistics
Sanin collaborates with his team to effectively manage resources and implement the program. This entails putting policies and processes in place and monitoring them in the areas of finance and administration, supporting the costing of workplans and analyzing spend versus forecasts on a regular basis, as well as organizing logistics.
Elvis Hadžić
Director of Finance and Accounting
Elvis is our finance and accounting director, which means he oversees all of our company's financial operations. He ensures that we get the most out of our money and resources. His duties include developing forecasting models, assessing investment risk, and ensuring that all accounting activities are in compliance with requirements. He is here to ensure that our company's financial health is maintained and that long-term profitability is increased. To recap, we don't have a lot of financial knowledge, but that's why we have him!
Husejn Kukuruzović
Head of the Call Center
Since he is the head of the Call Center, Husejn's job is to train, prepare, and motivate his staff members to provide excellent service to customers. He is sharp-eyed and detail-oriented, with a thorough knowledge of the industry, products, and services. He's setting call center goals, giving reps opportunities to learn more about services, products, and troubleshooting procedures, analyzing call center data, and focusing on improving performance and processes in order to better serve consumers.


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We wanted to make sure that you get everything that you need in just one marketing agency. That is why we created MonadPlug, MonadLead, MonadSearch and Monad Games. Do you understand now why we are the best?